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Making communication special is an important factor when reaching your customer, and playing with a decreasing attention span is key. Transpromo Express from SSK Infotech allows you to customise your communication so that it makes your service or product more promiment. We give you the opportunity to do this at a very reduced cost. It offers you many options in presentation including colours and space usage, saving time, money and energy on application re-design and programming.       

Offering easy compatibility with the most common print streams and technologies (AFP, Xerox Metacode, PCL, PDF, PostScript and Transpromo Express), they get you the best results within limited expense. Transpromo Express includes everything you need to implement a transactional document advertising strategy in the shortest time possible. Use these features to send customized messages to each and every client, even when you are printing and delivering millions of statements every month. Additional features include QR Express using which you can insert QR codes in your communication.

We help you inspire every communication