Business Continuity Plan

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Business Continuity Plan

  • BCP is being carried out on a daily basis by way of regular data exchange between locations.
  • BCP is being conducted on a regular interval too.
  • A BCP process procedure is followed.
  • BCP awareness is specially focused on during the training sessions


Deployment & Contingency :

  • SSK has got offices in Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad & Chennai. These are all the locations connected with the VPN for easy and faster data & output transfer. CyberRoam firewall protection for advanced wireless security. Since all our clients request that their Customer TAT to be met, the data transfer to the respective locations will make the activity faster.
  • SSK and its customer can mutually agree for input data transfer from their offices cost effectively and in more secured way through SSK’s SFTP.

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